'Design Your Own Garden'

This is for all you enthusiasts who want to have a go at DIY!

Apologies, FYI only as unlikely to run in 2018

As with any course, if you have the time to do a lot of work at home, you could create a comprehensive plan for a large garden. If you don’t have the time, but still want to learn, decide on a small but useful/important part of your garden to get started with, so you are able to complete a plan for it by the end of the course.

Headline Syllabus:

  1. Introduction: Course details and necessary equipment; what our aims are
  2. How to survey your site and draw up your garden outline
  3. Site Analysis: How to make sure everything goes in the right place!
  4. Design Principles: How to make the most of your space; Simple design theory
  5. Your Concept Plans…
  6. Drawing up your layout plan; what not to leave out; levels are important!
  7. Plant design; it’s not just about colour…
  8. Plants for places; wet, dark, dry, sun-baked: there’s a plant adapted for your situation
  9. Trouble-shooting your design
  10. Discussion about all our plans and how to implement them; certificates!

Session Format:

  1. Introduction and ice-breaking; 0-10min;
  2. Information giving; 10-15min;
  3. Practical work; 35min;
  4. Coffee-break (discussion time!); 10min;
  5. Information giving; 10min;
  6. Practical work; 35min;
  7. Wind-up; homework… 5min.

Useful things to collect or borrow to get you started:

  • Drawing tools: pencils, pens, eraser, compass, set-square, scale-ruler, etc
  • Concept ideas: magazine pages, photos, books, interesting things to base a design around, etc;
  • Photos of your garden/garden area, digital or otherwise;
  • Tape measures: soft tape long enough to measure a diagonal across your chosen space; metal tape about 5m;
  • Screenshot printout, from Google Earth, of your house and garden (fill the whole page); Note down where North is;
  • A soil sample from at least 10cm below the surface: collect a fist-full and put on a plate to dry out thoroughly, removing any large objects such as stones. Store in a sealed glass jar once dry;
  • I’ll add more info here when I think of it!

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