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Ongoing Maintenance

Every garden needs some maintenance, no matter how little we hope for! It is essential to do the important things before they become urgent ones.

We can supply a maintenance plan, but an ideal and cheaper arrangement is that developed by ‘Shoot’, where for a small annual fee, we can put your garden on their website and you will be sent a monthly maintenance guide, specifically for your garden.


Step 1.
Decide if you want to maintain the garden yourselves or if you need a gardener. If you will maintain it yourselves, go to Step 3.

Step 2.
Find a gardener and arrange a meeting between Sophia and your choice of gardener, to ensure they understand your and Sophia’s vision for the garden and will work to enhance the garden in keeping with the design.

Step 3.
Once you have completed your subscription: every month you can hand the maintenance guide to the gardener (or yourself): nothing to get left out this way!

Step 4.
To make sure the garden is maturing as planned, book twice-yearly garden inspections with Sophia. She will also be able to advise about ongoing maintenance and new developments.

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